Attached Tactical Medics

Okay so here is my question…Why do some agencies still have tactical teams without an attached “Medic”

In the past a lot of agencies have utilized Tactical Teams without an attached “Medic” for high risk jobs, such as warrant services, standoffs, active shooters etc. Unfortunately some of these agencies have paid the ultimate price.

Over recent years a lot of those agencies have gone to having an attached Tactical Medic whether armed or unarmed. I attribute this to 14 years of War and Conflicts and recent worldwide terror attacks.

Operations around the world like Afghanistan and Iraq have taught us the importance of having medics on location at the point of injury. They have taught us that having that trained medic saves lives from previous preventable deaths such as extremity hemorrhage and pneumos. TCCC guidelines have transitioned from military to civilian.

Boston showed how tourniquets save lives and more recently the attacks in France tourniquets saved lives there as well. A simple measures that anyone can be trained on.

So why not have trained Medics attached to Special Tactics Teams?

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