The Walls Are Closing In

I scroll through social media and all I see is Covid, social distancing, protest, riots, this candidate sucks no this ones sucks. A country that is literally being torn apart, a country that I swore to defend. I fear that things will only get worse, what will the future hold for my kids and their kids some day. That helpless feeling starts to sink in, the one where the walls are closing in around me because I don’t know what to do about it. The more and more I try to get out, the smaller the room gets and I feel the walls pressing on my chest making it harder and harder to breathe. Then I realize that I am okay, I have a good job, I have a wonderful family and group of friends. I have a place to lay my head at night and a roof over my head. The walls begin to open back up, I can breathe easily now and I’m free. I won’t lie I’m still angry about everything going on, but it’s manageable.

So earlier in the year we started going to into social distancing and closing business’ that were not “essential” in the hopes of stopping the spread of Covid-19, gatherings were prohibited in some areas of the country, doctors began doing teleconference visits and pretty much most people were locked away in their homes. This was how lives were going to be saved. Did it save some? Maybe, the numbers that are put out say it did. Now every action has to have a reaction, you build a wall around your home during a flood to save it, your home may be saved but your neighbors homes now have more flooding than they may have had before you built your wall. So after these restrictions were put in place other things happened, domestic violence calls went up, traffic accidents went down, etc. I want to concentrate on the the increase in suicide in Veterans and first responders.

If you look at mental wellness there are certain things that we need to achieve that goal. We need some type of social interaction whether a friend or gathering we need that face to face social interaction. We need to do the things that we enjoy, the things that remind us why life is precious. Sure there are a million ways to see people on your phones today but it’s not the same thing. The simple hand on someones shoulder when you are laughing at a joke or story, the hello hugs or goodbye hugs. All these things have an effect on us whether we realize it or not. I think that when all these restrictions were put in place it took away the sources for a lot of people to maintain a healthy mind. Leaving them alone with their thoughts which can be a dangerous place. Leaving them with no place to go to avoid the walls closing in on them.

We as brothers and sisters need to be more diligent which each other during times like these, we need to reach out to one another more often, even if it’s just a simple hey how are you, or sending a random funny meme. Out of sight should not be out of mind. 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. You can choose to blame whatever or whoever you want but we have to maintain our mental and physical well being. Obviously it is easier said than done but life isn’t always easy. We find a way to get through it, and a way to help each other along the way.

I wanted to keep that short, but if you ever want to talk whether I know you or not shoot me a message or email.

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