FREE B-CON COURSE FOR AREA SCHOOLS!!!It’s not enough these days to just have “First Responders” trained on hemorrhage control. Truth is we are just the first “trained” personnel on scene, however witnesses, bystanders, and victims are the first on scene. When you think about how long it takes for someone with severe arterial bleeding to bleed out (3 minutes), and how long it takes for trained personnel to actually get to those victims, those bystanders and possibly victims will be their best chance of survival. 

Homeland Security has launched a “Stop the Bleed” campaign 

Here at Tac-Med Education we recognize the overdue need to get those people properly trained in bleeding control, we know they are possibly the difference between life and death. We will be offering free B Con Courses to area schools. If you know of a school that you want to see trained please let us know or have them contact us. 

For a full course description visit our website at

Please share and get the word out there.

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